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Counterfeit Bill Resources

The public has a role in maintaining the integrity of U.S. currency. You can help guard against the threat from counterfeiters by becoming more familiar with United States currency.

Look at the money you receive. Compare a suspect note with a genuine note of the same denomination and series, paying attention to the quality of printing and paper characteristics. Look for differences, not similarities.

If You Receive a Counterfeit
  • Do not return it to the passer.
  • Delay the passer if possible.
  • Observe the passer's description, as well as that of any companions, and the license plate numbers of any vehicles used.
  • Contact your local police department or United States Secret Service field office ( These numbers can be found on the inside front page of your local telephone directory.
  • Write your initials and the date in the white border areas of the suspect note.
  • Limit the handling of the note. Carefully place it in a protective covering, such as an envelope.
  • Surrender the note or coin only to a properly identified police officer or a U.S. Secret Service special agent.
For more information on detecting and handling Counterfeits, please check out the links below or contact RiverBank at (509) 744-6900.

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