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Let us help you put your working capital to work. RiverBank's experienced Relationship Officers design tailored solutions to enhance your business' cash flow. Our cash management services are designed to optimize use of funds, reduce accounting costs, and streamline reporting.

For more information please call Shawn Murphy at 509-744-6909.


ACH Origination allows you to initiate your own direct deposits and payments, putting you in control of your money. This convenient service allows you to electronically move money, pay employees, pay bills or collect payments from your customers. ACH Origination allows you to reduce your costs for processing checks, invoices and collections. It facilitates your ability to control when the cash you collect enters your account and saves your business time by automating recurring payments. You can also provide a secure, convenient employee benefit through payroll direct deposit.


RiverBank's Positive Pay puts technology to work for you. This unique service makes it easy to verify daily transactions, helping protect your business from fraud and error. The system ensures that the value of a check processed through the clearing system matches the details provided at the time of issue. If there is ever a discrepancy, you are advised prior to the check being paid. Improved reconciliation, accurate transactions, peace of mind-RiverBank's Positive Pay.


RiverBank offers the latest in deposit technology. With our remote capture depositing, electronically deposit checks at RiverBank without ever having to leave your place of business. Deposit 24 hours a day, seven days a week, right from your desktop, resulting in improved funds availability, cash flow, record keeping, and employee productivity. This easy-to-use, convenient, secure service results in faster deposits, more efficient collections, cost savings, and convenience.


Deposit checks whenever and wherever is convenient for you with CheckSnap—a quick and simple way to make a deposit to your RiverBank account from your mobile device. Available through the RiverBank Mobile App, CheckSnap offers an easy, self-guided deposit process for the utmost in deposit convenience. Plus, for your security, images are stored securely at the bank, not on your device. Ready to save time and money by skipping a trip to the Bank? To learn more or enroll, visit the Online Banking Resource Center.


Web Statements allow you to get immediate access to your RiverBank account statements the minute they're available. Instead of waiting for your paper statement to arrive in the mail, you can access your statement online at your convenience. We send you an email as soon as your statement is ready, then you can view it electronically at any time.

Web Statements put the information you need at your fingertips. They also produce less paper, so they are friendlier to our environment. Best of all, this convenient service is free! And, we will securely store your statements online for 13 months, so you can access them at any time.

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